Orthodontics (Makes Teeth Straight)

Restore your smile with our orthodontic services!
Beautiful and healthy teeth not only brings a charming smile to your face, but also boosts the confidence level. A number of people come to us finding a way to shape their teeth. We want to tell you that you are at the right place to make your teeth beautiful. At Pleasant Dental Care, we leverage all the latest technologies and methodologies to straighten the teeth.

We offer all sorts of braces including:
• Traditional Metal braces
Made of stainless steel, these traditional braces are the most common form of braces used in children. They are comfortable as well as effective when it comes to placing the teeth at a right angle.

• Self-ligating braces
Unlike the traditional braces, the self-ligating braces come without the elastic. Even though they are of the same size as that of the traditional braces, they can be found in ceramic as well as clear brackets.

• Clear Ceramic Braces
Preferred for older teenagers and working professionals, the clear ceramic braces are less visible on the teeth. The whole idea is to maintain the aesthetic value.

• Clear Aligners
Clear aligners are an invisible and comfortable alternative to braces. They can be removed and put on whenever needed while maintaining the effectiveness of the treatment.

• Gold Braces
If you want to go for a little dramatic yet comfortable selection, go for the gold braces. The braces come in still only, but the coating is of gold.

• Lingual Braces
Lingual braces are hidden behind the tooth hence maintaining the aesthetic value.
After determining the color, shape, proportion, and size of the teeth, our cosmetic dentists offer you multiple options. Select the one you like to go with and we will let you enjoy a hassle free service.