Night Guards For Bruxism

Nightguards are a must for you if you are affected by teeth grinding and clenching. Pleasant Dental Care highly recommends the dental night guards if you are going under chronic headaches due to nighttime teeth grinding. These thin, transparent devices are created in a way to protect the biting surface of the teeth from coming in contact with each other.

Our night guard fitting process:
After the consultation, an impression of the upper and lower teeth will be taken to prepare an accurately fitted night guard. Out of this impression, a highly durable and strong night guard is created by our general dentists. Once crafted, you will be taught about the right ways to put it on. All you have to do is wear these guards while sleeping.
The night-guards created at Pleasure Dental Care are tear-resistant, comfortable, and can be comfortably fitted in the mouth. In addition to it, you can maintain the dental hygiene by easily cleaning them. A night guard crafted at our office are custom prepared to suit individual’s needs. Get in contact with us and get a night guard made exclusively for your teeth.