Mouth Guards

Protect your teeth from the heavy blows!
Mouth guards are commonly needed during physical activities like sports to prevent the teeth from trauma. You would have seen the boxers changing mouth guards during the game break. Not just boxing, these mouth guards are important for games like football and basketball where you might need to make certain aggressive moves.

At Pleasant Dental Care, we prepare the mouth guards to comfortably fit in your mouth. The mouth guards created by our dentists last 3 to 10 years, yet it might need to be replaced when it comes to younger kids to sustain the growth. The mouth guard not only protects the teeth from the blow, but also protects of tissue like lips, tongue, and cheek lining.

Some of the high-end benefits of mouth guards are:
• Protect the teeth from being knocked during games
• Enables natural breathing and speaking
• Acts like a cushion between the upper and lower jaw

We have been supplying mouth guards for a number of sports events in Queens and it has been proven effective to protect the oral structure. So, if you too require these protective ornaments, then get in contact with us now.