Fixed Bridges

Dental bridges replace missing teeth that are too badly damaged for filling and crowns. At some point of life, people lose their teeth to either gum diseases or fractures, in such cases, dental bridges act as the most common dental procedures. Practiced as the most common methods to hold the teeth in proper alignment, this dental procedure is one of the reliable ways to offer you healthy teeth and beautiful smiles.

Why Chose Pleasant Dental Care for Fixed Bridges?
When our patients come to us asking a solution to their missing tooth, we provide them with the choice of fixed bridges. This is going to be in-budget and also matches the lifestyle and goals of the individual. For those who can’t go for dental implants due to other medical issues, the fixed bridge acts as the only reliable option.
Our dentists are highly skilled at creating attractive as well as comfortable dental bridges. After placing the dental bridges, we will stay in regular contact with you to make sure the bridge is functioning well. In addition to this, we will put forward regular assistance to maintain your beautiful smile.