Fillings: Resin & Amalgam

Dental filling is used to repair the damage done to the teeth either by accidents or bacteria. When it comes to filling cavities, we have two options including metal amalgams and resin composite. Thanks to the advancement of dental technologies, dental patients have a variety of options when it comes to repairing the stained, cracked, and decayed teeth.

• Dental Amalgam
Dental amalgam comes as the mixture of mercury, tin, silver, and copper. In a dental amalgam 50% amount is of mercury that helps in providing a hard and durable filling. Considered effective for back teeth feeling, this amalgam has the ability to fill cavities very easily.

• Resin Composite filling
Unlike the dental amalgams, the resin composite filling comprises of ceramic and plastic compounds. This filing looks more like the natural teeth, hence, it has been used in the front teeth for years now. They are even quite efficient for the back tooth filling, yet the decision is made depending on the condition of the tooth.

At Pleasant Dental Care, our cosmetic dentists will happily discuss the filling options before proceeding with one of these methods. Contact us today to know more about the dental solution, including various filling types.