Dental Sealants

Seal it to prevent the tooth decay!
Dental sealants are acknowledged as an effective approach to preventing pit and decays in the teeth. These teeth alike materials are used to fill the small pits and grooves that are hard to clean. When we eat, the food particles get stuck in the teeth and the hard to clean area starts generating bacteria that cause tooth decays.

How Dental Sealants Work?
To prevent the tooth decay, the thin plastic coating is applied on the molar surface. Ultimately, the chewing surface is covered preventing any sort of decay. The best thing about sealants is – they don’t need injections and drilling, a completely painless treatment is needed for it.

The dentists at Pleasant Dental Care has helped many in solving their molar teeth issue. We recommend our regular patient to opt for the sealants before the tooth decay starts. In the beginning, the teeth of the patient are deep cleaned and dried, then the sealant is applied. The entire procedure is carried out with utter comfort and attentiveness.

As this is a quick, painless process, you should not be worried about the procedure and effectiveness.