Crowns And Veneers

No more stained and crooked teeth!
There is no need to stay with gaps in teeth or teeth that are stained and crooked. The technology today allows you to shape your broken and stained teeth in a hassle-less manner. Placing veneers and crowns is one among the techniques of correctifying nature’s mistake and other teeth problems. The cosmetic dentists of Pleasant Dental Care excel at placing crowns and veneers.

The difference between Crown and Veneers
In the words of a dentist, Veneers are artificially created shells of tooth-colored material that is made to cover the front side of teeth. The appearance and strength of our veneers are far better than the natural teeth. They will beautify your teeth leaving long lasting effects on the smile.

Although crowns and veneers have an almost same functioning, it is the coverage area that creates all the differences. Unlike the veneers, the crown covers the whole tooth.
At Pleasant Dental Care, the smile makeover starts with a consultation, where we talk about the existing problem and probable solutions. Depending on the requirement, the crowns and veneers are created and then fitted to the damaged teeth. Most of the time, it won’t take more than two sittings to complete the treatment.